Hwarang: The Beginning EP 2

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Reviews movie Hwarang: The Beginning EP 2 Eng sub

1 – omggg that was so goooddd!!! Looking forward to the next episode!! A.R.M.Y supports everyone!!!

(A.R.M.Y please dont say that you came here only for V. He is only a supporting role and I hope that you do not trash the other actors because of this. They all equally worked hard and deserve some credit! 🙂 thanks! <3)

2 – To be honest I had doubts about this drama at first “Hwarang. Men as beautiful as flowers” I wondered if there was going to be a serious storyline but after watching episode 1 and 2 I must say that I love it <3

I hate that Kwang Soo’s character had to die so soon… He was boasting so much about his sister
How much he must have missed his family…
The bromance was good too! He was even going to give his sister to “Dog-Bird”… That shows how much he likes him as a friend and I would have loved to see them together until the end xD
Kwang Soo’s acting was on point!

3 – Kim Tae-Hyung(BTS’s V) as Han Sung Rang:

4 – Do Ji-Han is so cool! I hope he will be in a romance reationship too, maybe with Minho’s sister…

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