Hwarang: The Beginning EP 5

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Reviews movie Hwarang: The Beginning EP 5 Eng sub

1 – Hey fellow camper!!
While you’re waiting for the next episode why not take a fun end of the year poll?

Friends from DC/DN got together to nominate our favorite dramas and characters for our own drama awards. It’s only for fun but it’s a cool way for international kdrama fans to look back and recognize the dramas that stole our hearts in 2016 as a community. Use the link below to vote for your favorites.

Happy New Year!

2 – I love the two main leads, but I’m definitely more looking forward to the King taking his throne back and the love line between Banryu and Sooho’s sister *_* <3

3 – Omo! I can’t wait for the episode 6. <3 <3 <3 They’re so cute when they’re drunk hahaha 😀 fighting dog bird! The King is so handsome. TOTALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA 😀

4 – Omg I ship Ah Ro and Sam Mek Jong so much omg TT^^TT #secondLeadSyndromeFeels But since I know that is not going to happen I’ll take the king X”’D

Strangely I ship the king and dogBird more LOOL

And omg I can’t wait for taehyung to join the 5 hwarangs!! (And that shower scene in the teaser :3 ) 

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