Hwarang: The Beginning EP 7

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Reviews movie Hwarang: The Beginning EP 7 Eng sub

1 – Okay…So I’m really confused about whom to ship for right now. On one side there is handsome, caring, ‘Guy with a past’ Sun woo. Even Ah Ro is attracted more to him and there is definitely chemistry between them. But the problem with them is that they are in a BROTHER-SISTER relationship right now!!! So if they date they would be stone pelted to death for INCEST!! And if Sun woo reveals the truth of not being her brother to date her then his head will be chopped and HANGED and may be Ahn ji Gong and Ah Ro’s too for helping out a PEASANT!!!! *Sigh*
On the other hand is our KING pretending to be Ji Dwi who is handsome,caring and “Guy with a throne”!! But the problem with them first of all is that Ah Ro doesn’t like him as much as her ‘Orabeoni’! Second, He can’t really let go of TRUE BONE rank system…even more because he is a King!(He has even insulted her twice already for that!!). Thirdly, he will require a lot of approval from a lot of people to just date her…especially the Queen who I think is never going to agree to it as she is Ahn Ji Gong’s daughter! She might even kill their whole family for this!!*Sigh again*
But our King has already kissed her while Sun woo has only held hands with her or patted her or gave a piggyback to her(He has done quite a lot *Giggle*)…So I’m really confused right now! But I think that somewhere in my mind, I ship Ah Ro with Sun woo and I hope that whatever his past is, will give him an upper hand in this fight!! GO FOR IT Sun Woo!! <3

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