The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 2

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  1. oh god she is a it can’t wait for another episode. hurrrrrrrrrry up,………….. I watched one drama and became fan of drama, love u girl with my heart.

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Reviews movie The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 2 Eng sub

1 – The legend of the Blue Sea , Goblins and Hwarang the Beginning will surely heal your wounds 🙂 Lee Joon Gi new web drama First Kiss for the Sixth times 🙂 . Upcoming great drama Saimdang and The King Lover’s.

2 – I really hate ju jin hyun. How can she look amazing just after having a baby,and a drama wiith min ho at that! how dare she have kim soo hyun before the baby then min ho after the baby…what a lucky girl! Her acting is superb as always!

3 – Omigod! As he gets older he becomes even more good looking LOLOL

4 – that happens with a lot of men. I did wonder if he spruced up a bit but I hope it is just weight loss. There is just something a little smexy about maturing men. They move with more confidence and less exaggerated movements. Their walking gate changes and their control of their words. This is especially evident with actors and even kpop singers. They tackle more difficult projects and for singers/rappers their lyrics get more involved. Some get more handsome and some don’t actually get more handsome but the inner self shines so we think they are more handsome.

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