The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 3

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  1. gosh… when i first see this movie i always feel in love this man, huhuhu how can i see you personaly and knowing you,hope that my dream will be granted i idolized you so much… even your movies and your many lovely songs that makes me feel love and it makes my heart pump.. that i cant control… i lovce you oppa lee men ho

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Reviews movie The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 3 Eng sub

1 – With the episode done, I now embark into a bored journey as I wait patiently for a week till the next episode comes out. Someone gimme a hell yeah.

2 – I have 2 dramas that I’m currently watching. Weightlifting Fairy and Legend of Blue Sea. Anymore and I won’t be able to study.

3 – ohhh i reeeeally like when the mermaid meets the man. it’s just so natural how she move her tail and her body. i think Junjihyun is soo perfect for that role. I mean for lee minho is absolutely awesome. but she is trying new role as mermaid which is need to be appreciated.

4 – I thought I have given up on watching dramas.. [until exams 😉 lol as if I can survive without them for good :P] But my first ever korean crush brought me here breaking my determination.. I didn’t know I am this loyal to watching him omg :O

Ah Ah Ah, sorry for not being strong enough! What is wonderful with the world of dramas is that there is no boundary, racism, war (except for the oppas ^^) and that we will encounter virtually people of all nationalities and for that, I’m very glad to have discovered that! Yes, I have already watched (I skiped the scenes where they discuss) but almost everything watched.

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