The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 8

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Reviews movie The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 8 Eng sub

1 – J’ai vu l’épisode 6 sous les sous-titres.Maintenant, j’attends pour le regarder à nouveau avec la traduction. Mais, je veux voir l’épisode 7 TT Il faut attendre une semaine, c’est trop loooooooooooong. Pourquoi ai-je commencé ce drama avant la fin ? Je le savais pourtant que je ne pourrais pas m’arrêter à un épisode par jour et que attendre la suite serait horrible !!!

2 – HA HA !! IF i was a mermaid 🙂 I’m surly gonna surpass top 10 billionaires wealth considering how many tears i shed in past 5 or 6 years cause of this K-Dramas 🙂 and maybe beat Bill Gates 75 billion in just 2016 with Moon Lovers ;)) by the way we should try this method while watching Emotional K-dramas 🙂 people might think we are CRAZY but what to do it’s Jo Jung-Suk oppa Style 🙂

3 – Ahh yess the struggle is real 🙁 which is why i prefer watching the drama after all the episodes are out but then the downside of that is i feel lonely because everyone else has watched it and have already discussed the scenes lool

4 – There you said the naked truth and my exact thoughts. I totally understand this dilemma. We all know completed series are the best bet, but we have to jump on to the ongoing drama bandwagon anyways, that choice is what makes us drama addicts….LMAO:):):)

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