Night Light

Title: 불야성 / Night Light
Chinese Title: 不夜城
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC


This is a drama depicts the intense and fierce fight which those greedy citizens, in the city that never sleeps, collide with each other in order to become the owner of the most splendid luring lights: money and power.

Reviews movie Night Light Eng sub

1 - There are way too many drama coming out! I just can't keep up, especially what with homework and all. I never thought I'd say this, but they should really do things in moderation.

2 - "they" are being moderate. how about you take some responsibility and just admit youre not doing your part.

try cutting out some sleep, and do you really need friends ? all those things are just holding you back.

now get going! you can do it! we believe in you!

3 - What I've seen the raw 2 eps without understanding Korean, LYW role seems similar with her role in Empire of Gold.. Her character has the same attitude though this one seem more fierce.. She became typecasted for character that strong, smart,, snobbish, cold, and uncompromised (including Queen Seon Deok).. and she's good at it.. IMO

4 - Wow, Lee Yo Won playing another cold stone bitch...what a surprise!...NOT! Is she is being typecast here? I admit, she does cold-hearted bitch very well, but it would be so nice to see her play a character who has some heart, and is warm to the touch!... Not this granite-like exterior & cold steely eyes with no reflection... like vampire eyes!
That was just raw too... I can hardly wait to read what she's saying! I will wait, since one of my very favorite veteran actors is in this...Choi Il Hwa is terrific in any role he does!



Main Cast:

Lee Yo Won as Seo Yi Kyung
Jin Goo as Park Gun Woo
Uee as Lee Se Jin

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