Oh My Geum Bi EP 10

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Reviews movie Oh My Geum Bi EP 10 Eng sub

1 – I honestly don’t know what this drama wants from me. I spent the first 50mins either sad during the MoHwiChul moments and annoyed yet understanding when it was YooJooYoung moments. I don’t like the woman but I’m trying to understand her, there is a sad and dark past about her and I really wanna know why she abandoned her baby whom she clearly loved the first 12months I’m major curious. MHC drawings of his baby girl had my heart both sad and happy…

This drama is just too much for my emotions. Thank God for KimBokJoo for the comic relief.

2 – A sick child tells the judge/mediator she wants to live with her alcoholic mother to take care of her. The man knows the woman is unfit yet he says ok. What the hell. I know the system is broken, but the adults in charge in this drama are out of control. No one did a home visit to see how and where Geum Bi would be living, so no one saw the alcohol filled mess of a home. Just like with her visitation before the court date being a disaster, the first night with Geum Bi she gets drunk and the next morning she nearly kills the child in a fire. Where the hell is social services? Emergency c section scar or not, that woman has no business alone with that child. I know social services exist because I’ve seen other drama’s where people are studying the butts off to pass the national exam and get social work jobs. So where are they now?

3 – 👍 I agree. I sometimes question the legal system in these dramas. You can get procecuted for doing some seriously dirty deeds and get sentenced to little or no time at all

4 – When baseball cap guy saw her hand twitch then caught her as she fell, I suspect he may be the dad. Plus, he keeps looking at his hand too.

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