Oh My Geum Bi EP 2

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  1. aaaaah…ah! so sad ending in this ep. but it’s really cute and lovely drama… can’t wait for the next ep. Fighting Geum Bi!

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Reviews movie Oh My Geum Bi EP 2 Eng sub

1 – How come Geum Bi looks like the lady at the resturant? …Is it her Mom.

2 – I think there’s some connection especially the way lhe looked at her in the restuarnt, I’m thinking that he was sub-standard to her family an raised the kid. I may be wrong but I’m watching raw and they look alike.

3 – Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3 dramas come on that I watch and I try to separate them out through the rest of the week so they don’t consume much time. This is the one I watch the day it comes out, the others I can even wait a little bit longer to watch. I am hooked. The little girl is such a wonderful actress. If this is any indication of how she will be in the future, she is set! I love how mature Geum Bi is for her age, and I love how the little boy in her class is like her too and he likes her and not the mean petty girl that likes him. Geum Bi was hungry, but she saved her food for her dad because she thought he was less fortunate and worse off than she is. It will hurt him when he finds out she is sick. I cried in this episode and teared up in a few scenes. This will be a cry fest like Uncontrollably Fond was, but I can’t stop watching and am waiting fir the next episode eagerly! ♥♥

4 – 

Altho he’s not that good of person. He lies to pp and stuff but he’s good on the inside. I would say……he’s a good dad. What should we do now??? Nothing’s going to be wrong right???

And whose that man who got out of jail or what ever??? I’ve no idea but I’ve got a bad feeling.

And whose that b*tch kid who keeps picking on being bi???? Aishhhhh….u better stop doing that or I won’t let go of it easily.

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