Oh My Geum Bi EP 7

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Reviews movie Oh My Geum Bi EP 7 Eng sub

1 – My guess he isn’t the father and the bad guy is the biological father :3 But in reality he is her real father and the bad guy is a stranger danger :p

2 – I loved this episode because it showed the change in the relationship between father and daughter, they are adorable <3 The last part was so sad though…
I dislike the mother, and after seeing next episode’s preview I can say I will dislike her even more…

3 – I thought they were going to make his frenemy from high school Geum Bi’s father back when he met her mother and they said they dated afterward. Plus he threw away the DNA test he took before looking at it, a while ago. But what I find weird is how similar they have made the characters personalities and mannerisms. Since they just met it’s not nurture it’s Geum Bi’s nature.

I also am curious about this lawyer. The mother keeps saying the grandmother was broke, plus she didn’t raise Geum Bi. So where did this money come from and how did the grandmother earn enough to even put in a trust? Plus the mother didn’t know about the dead grandmother or the money until she ran into the frenemy. How would the frenemy know anything about the lawyer or trust left to Geum Bi? I think the inheritence thing is a scam cooked up by the frenemy to try and mess up Hwi Chul’s life.

4 – also i think the lawyer is somehow related to geum bi i mean he is the legal guardian after all

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