Oh My Geum Bi EP 8

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Reviews movie Oh My Geum Bi EP 8 Eng sub

1 – Do I figure it out that the Bad ‘ajhussi’ is her father ??

PS:Loved the family time…real parents abandoned her but strangers loving her more than anything

2 – I read the Description before I start watch this… But I think the the Hair in geum bi’s cloth maybe other own it? btw Mo Hwi Chul also have the DNA but he didnt see it too until now.

3 – i thought that as well, cause the way they look at each other and stuff

4 – I dont think hes her father just because when he was looking through all their files that guy said “at first i thought you were the father” and he also said “trying to take away his daughter from him” and if that guys a Private investigator, then he would know if shes hwi cheols daughter or not i think

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