Oh My Geum Bi EP 9

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Reviews movie Oh My Geum Bi EP 9 Eng sub

1 – I think she just wants to get to know her mother. She saw a different side of her mom after hearing how she got her name and that peaked her interest. Also if her dad had won custody this early on then there wouldn’t be much show left. Geum bi has influenced her dad and caused him to change, she may be the change her mother needs. Though I don’t think the mom realizes how hard it may be but then again guem bi is very self sufficient and is pretty much raising her self and her parents. Im curious how she will respond when she finds out about the money though. The guy that is always creeping around, like come on dude its been over 10, 15 years and you still lurking around. Like move on, you still trying to ruin someone’s life. In all these years he could have made something of himself instead of what he is now smh.

2 – I feel the same way. lol at the lurking guy, I idolize him for holding such a grudge maybe I’ll give up but him… nuh-uh. I also think she said she want’s to live with her mom to not “burden” hwi cheol.

3 – I know she only said she wants to live with her mom because she doesn’t want to burden Hwi Cheol but come on girl…he doesn’t see it that way. Her selflessness is frustrating sometimes…

4 – if All your live, nobody have ever care for you, and then, suddenly you have this one person who treat you like you are everything for him..

will you really let him suffer his whole live for you, who will only be a burden untill you die..

If I was her, I won’t want to do that to my loved one either..

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