Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 11

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Reviews movie Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 11 Eng sub

1 – Now the things started to turn in bad again, i hope DJ will be ok with that case, glad that they have the filming

2 – I also miss the Chinese girl. She left just like that… I really thought that she’ll play something more important or she’ll be part of that group…but she’s gone now 🙁

3 – I swear I can’t with this writer. Why would they be looking at Dr Kim like he’s some kind of serial killer because one of his students died without knowing the slightest detail? They know how shady that hospital is. They know she had liver disease. And as Dr’s they know even the best can not save every patient. There is the saying “the surgery was perfect but the patient is dead”. That was so goofy and unnecessary. At least the next story will be about military corruption.

4 – This writer is pretty incompetent. What about that scene where Seo-jung scolds Dong-joo for considering President Do’s offer, strongly implying that Pres Do is corrupt and manipulative, while Pres Do’s son just listens to the whole thing like Pres Do is a stranger to him? After Dong-joo leaves the room, I expected In-bum to mention his father; instead, the writer decides to insert an OTP moment, with In-bum inexplicably asking Seo-jung whether she likes Dong-joo [cue irritating “quirky” music). Ugh.

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