Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 13

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Reviews movie Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 13 Eng sub

1 – I really liked when Dong Joo teached Seo-Jung and got behind her to assist her hands while stitching. They were enjoying. In that moment Do. Kim passes by and looks on, after that he put her in the team for the surgery of the Chairman, that was so cool!… but exactly after that DJ quarantined the whole emergency departament.
I feel so bad when all this is happening and the END, Nooooo, exactly in that moment this episode had to end….
Anyway, i liked Seo-Jung wanted to go there and help all the patcients, especially Dong Joo! And I think the chairman is being to like SJ too ….haha, she calls him harabuji.. That was so cute!!! Maybe he will want her for the surgery, even if In Bum went there…
Oooooo, and i liked a lot Dong Joon in this ep, i think he was very tired or sick, he looked that way all the episonde, even so, he never give up, he covered his friend and treated all the pacients until he collapsed, that wasn’t so good…

2 – same here!! i really like the way Dr. kang treated his patients. i think he is so professional in this episode. i fell for him awww

3 – I think this is the best medical drama I’ve ever watched… The ethical issues portrayed are excellent. Well, some are not that realistic but the story line itself is daebak!

4 – As an overall viewing experience I enjoyed Yong Pal a lot more. This is also great but not my favourite medical drama so far.

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