Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 16

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Reviews movie Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 16 Eng sub

1 – Wow!!! This is so daebak!!! So intense!!! Of all medical dramas i’ve ever watched this is the best.. I don’t care if this drama could go last 50 episodes..

2 – As to the daughter of Chairman Shin, who herself is a doctor, enough of the greed and ambition, STOP even thinking of that dastardly president Do’s machinations and schemes… First and foremost, be a doctor AND while you are at it, be a daughter to your father. 

Lastly, please please please no more pre-empted episodes AND congratulations for the 7 awards at the 2016 SBS Awards. 

Fighting, everyone.

3 – What a cliffhanger! OMG, give us a break… Let the operation be over and done with– Chairman Shin should come out of it just fine after his brave decision to choose life on his feet, like he said, even if he only had one more day. 

As to Master Kim and his team, let them have their day… after all the selfless work, the determination to do a good job. Let those 2 young doctors leave the surgery of the emergency patient to the young woman doctor. 

Enough already of giving the useless and evil President Do a chance to get in the way again. Already too much screen time and importance has been given to him… the writer of this drama should know when to stop… 

4 – 

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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 16 KDrama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 16 Korean drama