Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 3

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Reviews movie Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 3 Eng sub

1 – I love the setting of this drama. This hospital is kinda creepy but the people there are quite cool especially Teacher Kim. 😉 My heart dropped to see Dr Yoon cut her wrist. Pity girl, i hope she will recover and able to be a real doctor again. Looking forward to see next episode. The rating went to 10% ++ on episode 2, probably will continue to rise.

2 – Ratings from 9.5 to 10.8 was pretty good. Hope continue to rise next episode. Yoo Yeon Seok & Seo Hyun Jin both are so deserving good drama with good rating. 😉 And My Han Suk Kyu Ahjusshi <3

3 – After seeing how good Dr Kim is Dong Joo realize his skills is not as good as he think, just because he got the highest score in the country he suppose to be the best, and he’s still being an idiot, talking crazy to Dr. Kim, because his pride is hurt. Now he put his foot in his mouth asking “SJ if she like Dr. Kim is that why she’s been gone five years” gosh is he that dense, he need a humbling experience. SJ what was she thinking trying to work on a patient after slashing her wrist, goodness. Seriously I’m not liking Dong Joo right now he’s out of control. The drama is so good.

4 – The lead surgeion may sound harsh but he’s right about the female doctor, she may be a GREAT surgeon/doctor but that mentality she has about herself does not bode well for patiients. Too much of a liability for the hospital if something goes wrong on any level.

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