Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 4

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Reviews movie Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 4 Eng sub

1 – I like that this drama shows us how flawed the doctor could be, personally and professionally. I don’t know why some viewers relate it like Doctors Crush but please don’t go there.

2 – The idea that Dong Joo thinks he’s the best isn’t correct. Just because he got top in the country doesn’t mean he has the same skills and perfection as Kim Teacher. Like if I passed the driving test with a perfect score, it doesn’t mean that I’m good at driving. I’d have to practice to be good at driving. Dong Joo needs to learn humility and I can’t wait to see how he will change in this new environment. It feels like he hasn’t healed from when SJ left him and when Dr. Moon died, and he’s Just in denial about how far his guilt stems. He’s desperately trying to make it to the top, and I feel like his need for SJ’s love is a part of that, not just his own ambitions. In his quest to seek revenge, he lost who he truly was, but flashes of that true person was seen when he chose to try to save that mans life instead of gong to the dinner. That’s the DONG JOO I know and love!

3 – I’m sure the way Dr’s and hospitals are presented in drama’s are not an accurate representation of actual medical care facilities in South Korea. However, these drama’s would have me afraid to be treated for a papercut.

Dr Kim left a packed ER to be petty. Yes he was off duty and could leave if he wanted. But the truth is he left one Dr to take care of dozens of people when he had nothing better to do than gamble. Again it was his time to do with as he wished, but acting all high and mighty is old.

DJ had no experience with burn victims. SJ did. How could seeking the aid of an experienced Dr in an emergency situation be a problem? Since when is asking for help cowardice? They both came from a teaching hospital and had worked together in that capacity before. So what if he was brave he would’ve used a severely burned man as a guinea pig, and just tried to figure it as he went along.

Honestly DJ leaving would end the drama, but makes the most sense. It’s not the lack of equipment that makes that place dangerous it’s the hero worship everyone has of Dr Kim. And while he is an amazing Dr, he is an a**hole. That place is a huge lawsuit waiting to happen.

Also I laughed so hard when DJ told SJ to leave. Where can she go? She’s mentally ill. A drug addict. And her hand doesn’t work. Exactly what hospital does he think will take her crazy behind.

4 – Dr. Kim might be an ass at times but his words make me respect him more too. “If the patient lying down here gets to choose one of them which one will he choose?.. he will need one who can treat his injury, what he needs is an orthopaedic surgeon so i’m playing all my cards to be the right one for him.”
Being humble can take you far. True KDJ studied his ass off, fighting against all odds and without connections to be where he is today..but he lacks humility. And he’s such a hothead. After-all they are all just doctors, they only need to focus on their patients.
Ofcourse having a well-equipped hospitals is always for the best, but still being able to save lives in such an environment like Doldam hospital with experience will produce the best doctors who are able to understand and treat their patients intuitively.
This drama is so-my-type of a doctor series ^^

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