Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 7

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Reviews movie Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 7 Eng sub

1 – master kim is so annoying!!! does he have to embarass and bash everyone all the time, just calm down

2 – He is over the top but I don’t think he is thinking about himself, I think he is thinking what is best for the patients and I think wants his staff to keep doing better. That kind of management style is kind of harsh and might not work for me but some people do better when pushed.

3 – I think when we view dr Kim we have to remember that compared to the doctors back at the main hospital he is a walk in the park. I mean he hasn’t kicked or hit any one yet. He treats female and male staff the same and he doesn’t believe in the hierarchy system where doctors are on this lofty position above the nurses and the other staff. He treats every one the same even if most of the time he comes off grumpy or shouty. I think this is old school management.

P.S. I think he is remenesence of male characters of the past, Tough, slightly damaged but with a heart of gold and always there when it gets tough or when there needs to be a woman protected. Maybe not mushy romance with a lot of cute glances but manly, grab you around the waist when you least expect it.

4 – Dr. Kang~~You can’t help but fall for his charm everytime he ask her to date. Dr. Kang she’ll yours, she’s playing hard to get!! ^^ kekeke…

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