Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 8

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Reviews movie Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 8 Eng sub

1 – Ah Rin’s voice when she was on phone with her dad burst me into tears. Can’t help but feel their pain and struggle.
Kim Sa Bu was amazing as always, just way too cool. His life philosophy and principles are Crystal clear to him…it take too much to achieve that. I hope in the end they could show us that ultimately it’s all about being human.

2 – I say give the nurse a lead in a drama. Like to see her have a romance paired with some smexy semi older actor. I need a drama where the leads are close to my age and still vital. Actually Dr. Kim is good for that.

3 – i love how master kim smiled with the kid. and joked with that leg injured guy.

4 – My heart broke for the daughter, father, and mother. I wished he would die on the operating table.
Rape victims always get the short end of the stick in the legal system. The judicial system worldwide is messed up and I’m pissed the law never punished this asshole properly. He may have only gotten a three-year prison sentence, but received a life impressment bound to a wheelchair as Dr. Kim stated.
On a lighter note I’ve never been so happy to see the chairman.

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