Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 9

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1 – OK this is why all these hallyu stars are coming out and talking about mental illness. I know we have issues with it in America, but Korea is clearly worse. And drama’s keep having characters be magically cured overnight with friendship or a good boyfriend/girlfriend.

Everyone told the evaluator to to assess SJ with his conscious, but clearly he was influenced by them and the idea that her needing help is a bad thing. She straight up lied when she caught him at the hospital. She was never suicidal? Really? The way she was wandering through the forest the night when Dr Kim found her not only showed her in a deep depression, but she was definitely displaying suicidal tendencies during that incident. She got help and thought she was cured? Really? From who? Because we’ve seen no psychologist or psychiatrist practicing at that hospital. And while she could’ve gone to Seoul once a week for treatment over a period of time, I somehow doubt she did. And it wasn’t recent events that set her off. She was

2 – Its true, here in the UK it isn’t any better. The NHS is cutting funding towards mental health departments and its sad, especially when diagnosis levels are increasing. Its a shame the stigma that mental health has, especially when its just like any other illness that needs to be treated. Like you said it takes time, a lot of time. But with the right help and treatment people can manage and live happier lives.

3 – One hundred percent agreed with you. It’s one of the few things that really bothers me with kdrama. The answer to every problem is not a relationship. Friends and loved ones can be important allies when struggling with mental illness but they can’t magically cure you of depression or suicidal thoughts – and it’s a harmful fallacy to perpetuate because it puts unrealistic pressure on both the patient and their support system. A patient might feel pressure to feel normal for their loved ones or the people around them start believing their loved one is only sick because they aren’t enough of a reason to be happy. Real life is complicated and I wish that writers would take on the challenge of complexity more often. I was really excited when I saw her character struggling with such a real issue at first but i’m a bit disappointed in where they took it. Writers shouldn’t use such serious plot lines if they aren’t going to do it the proper justice it deserves.

4 – This is so true, but I’m glad that they even brought the subject of mental illness up in a Kdrama. Hopefully, Kdramas will continue to progress and address issues such as these. Looking back, Kdramas have come a long way.

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