Running man EP 270

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Reviews Korean show Running man EP 270

1 – Kwang Soo Oppa . Your revenge is perfect if you only win . But thanks for this episod it is by far one of the best EP. of RM 🙂

2 – This episode was totally exciting! I think its one of the best! And I just love Lee Kwang Soo more! To think of something like that, daebak!! It would have been better if he won! hahahah

3 – this episode was really good!!! sooo funny!!! Gary was really smart!!! He figured it out like right away lol and is it just me or was Kwangsoo really handsome in this episode??! Normally i don’t think he’s that good looking but this episode he looked so handsome except at the end lol plus did u see his arms!? he has muscle kkkkkkk 😛 

4 – Running Man you’re still the no. 1 watch variety show!  Keep it up, FIGHTING!

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