Running man EP 271

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Reviews about Korean Show Running man EP 271

1 – So pumped for next weeks episode! Bruh this has gotta be the best running man episode of time! RUNNING MAN… FIGHTING!! ❤️? 2 – KwangSoo: “I’ll bring my grandma so they(their opponent) can’t do anything to her”, seriously that cracked me up! and WOAAAH….this is gonna be exciting next week….100vs100 is gonna be chaotic and can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen…this is fun and one of the best episode…i♥RM. nextweek please come fast…. 3 – But i was wondering why the main Pd is changed??? Is not the PD that used to the main host and give game instruction too. For RM lover, u may know the PRevious PD… 4 – I’m a fan of Running Man and I’m also a fan of a Jo In Sung. But I’m a little disappointed with him. when he sent a message to Lee Kwang Soo, he shouldn’t say that. Isn’t it better when he says that he won’t be able to attend? poor Kwang Soo. 🙁

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