Running man EP 275

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Reviews Korean show Running man EP 275 Eng sub

1 – Who could even think of sleepy competition? ??????? to the person who did.

2 – waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! this episode was soooooo exciting!!!!! and my Suju Oppa’s were on it!!!!! Leetuekie and Heechul Oppa!!! <3 i don’t know who i like better out of them so i had to cheer for both lol and that sleeping test!!! that was really funny lol but i can’t believe that Hani won!!! but she did only get 2 hours sleep so she was probably tired lol and Lim Yohan and Jinho’s match it was sooo intense lol and i felt happy for Jinho cause he finally won against his rival lol

3 – wohohhhhh running man

4 – The Tetris game was so fun. I can feel the pressure from both rivals. Nice episode!

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