Running man EP 276

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Reviews Korean show RUNNING MAN EP 276 ENG SUB

1 – Unfair , atleast both team cant win if the door is unlock by gary … its not even like a game .. just put any member in garys place ,bet they end up the same .. they said like ‘gary shud hv know’ just because theyre not in his place plus thy hv bn told earlier … bad english , sorry

2 – this episode was not funny at all!! Seriously it was very unfair on gary oppas side’ he dont have any clue about what really the mission is! Two teams(jaesuk vs jongkook) luckily took the diamond for granted!! They were not the one who unlock the door!! Both team cant enter if such thing is locked! The PD should give hint to gary!! Obviously gary oppa dont have any idea!! I started to hate this program!! ?????? just like when Snsd was their guest Yuri’s team should win not yoona!!! Darn it!!

3 – Next episode seem like it’ll be interesting!! Cant’ Wait!♥♥♥

4 – I knew gary wasn’t lying.. his face was sooo worried and annoyed all the time XD innocent gary indeed. Black team should’ve been the winner since they took the box of diamonds first. Also, Jihyo unnie jjang! <3

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