Running man EP 277

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Reviews movie Running man EP 277 Korean show Eng sub

1 – I guess PDs dont tell VJs and simply consider them the cast, VJ to be one; or of PD actually wold VJs, Kwon Yeol seriously has a rabbit heart.

Remember this memorable scene where VJ Kwon Yeol was more scared than Jae Suk and most scared of even all RM cast???mwhahaha
He even bumped to another person .. This scene was the best

2 – Kwang Soo and Jae Suk dancing… I can’t lmao. Omg Jong Kook watching them too it’s too funny. Another awesome running man ep. I loved the addition of bloopers at the end. Also, Kwang Soo was SO into it I felt like everyone had so much fun this episode. We don’t need 1 million guests! Just RM Cast!! Tho.. next week looks fun too I miss X Man

3 – This episode scared the nuts out of me and it was also very funny!! Jae Suk made a horrible zombie! I cried laughing!! Great episode of running man!! lol

4 – so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing Kwang Soo so so funny and I love the dance hahahaha

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