Running man EP 282

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Reviews Korean show Running man EP 282 eng sub

1 – wow…did u c the preview….joong ki , park ji sung… gonna be daebak…cant wait enough

2 – WOW :O jong kook oppa is 41 YEARS OLD HOLY MACAROON and A sung is 25 YEARS OLD!!!?!?!? Wow she looks like a 15 yr old and oppa looks like hes upper 20s oh mey gawd.

3 – couple of minutes into this and i’m cracking up already! Seok Jin…. hehehe.. the Crew’s script just helped to cement his ‘position’ in RM team… lol

4 –  LOL SIWAN WAS SO AMAZING XDD!! damn he found out stuff so fast and even if i understood what to do, i probably wouldn’t have known if i was in his position. i loved it when he didn’t laugh at all during the video and when it was all over, he was like: i can laugh now, so give it to me lET ME LAUGH!!

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