Running man EP 285

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Reviews Korean Show Running man EP 285 eng sub

1 – so freak’n good mso so so funny lol…..omg @ Ji Hyo tho, it was so funny when she saw wat she was scared of hahahaha so funny loved this ep

2 – I cried so much during this episode…..Wait you might get the wrong idea.
I laughed so hard during this episode tears started coming down from my eyes!!! This was so freaking funny from beginning to end, that I couldn’t stop laughing. I even got short of breath and had to take a break to catch my breath again, only to continue watching this (Wow not healthy). Defiantly hope there’s more like this for Running Man this year!!

Also next weeks ep looks pretty interesting, I feel like this is a good start to the New Year. ^0^

3 – Oh this is a good one…I loved how the PD’s played with every member’s paranoia..their reactions so candid and hilarious. Also, Subbers, thank you so much for syncing the subtitles perfectly..especially that part after the Kpop Star preview…. 🙂

4 – OMG the preview for the next episode has Detective Conan’s theme music playing!! I’m so ready for this!!!!!

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