Running man EP 286

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Reviews movie Running man EP 286 Eng sub

1 – Hahaha! As expected gae-squid aka Mr. Random Capable did it again. LOL Can’t wait for the rival trip to UK! Bromance!

2 – Damn, didn’t expect that at all. Was pretty confident it was Jae-suk since he was the one who pieced together a lot of circumstantial evidence, and was also the one who found the key everyone happened to be looking for. Knew for a fact the other person was in on it, though.

3 – Yay! I knew Gary would be able to find evidence. lol, so in love with him… lol, he’s mr. random capable.

4 – as a mystery fan i must say this…. kyaaaaaahhhh!!! they’re ruining the crime scene!!! they’re leaving their finger prints everywhere!! they can never catch the culprit at that rate….

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