Running man EP 287

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Reviews movie Running man EP 287 Eng sub

1 – Ha ha ha. Yes, we are aware of “Respecting Elders” in Korean culture .
These are not just elders. Imagine yourself as an actor who’s been acting professionally for a few years now. Then, suddenly, Robert DeNiro showed up as your intern! These Running Man interns are also the casts’ seniors in their profession. This is crazy funny.

2 – just barely 10 mins in and i’m laughing my head off at Haha & Seok Jin, with their interns… it’s hilarious but clear as crystal at the same time, how much elders are respected in korean’s social ranking order…. this looks like yet another side-splitting, roaringly funny episode 🙂

3 – I love how the writers and producers screw with the running man. its just hilarious

4 – so excited for next episode….off to watch ep 262 in which kim jong kook had paid for the dinner…hehe

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