Running man EP 290

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Reviews movie Running man EP 290 Eng sub

1 – I was just thinking a few days ago while watching RM that I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gary, Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo in the same team with just the three of them. And it happened in this episode lol!

2 – lol lee kwang soo fooled by the pakistani guy….couldn’t go to Dubai with my uncles’s family due to freaking exams….dis year sure gonna visit Dubai n see all the places ull were in ….very excited for next episode….hav send an email just as dey requested…lets c wat happens…..

3 – a great 2-parter with sights of Dubai and a new outfit for Kwang Soo, who bought it from the Souk… bought it wrongly for the mission though… :p

4 – Looks like RM knows that what people loves is just the members and no other guests because they could be enjoyable just themselves instead of other people.

I enjoyed last episode but their travel mission is compulsory to have “solve/save-the-foreign-land-legend” mission and stuff

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