Running man EP 297

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Reviews Korean show Running man EP 297 Eng sub

1 – I’m not liking the new Runningman format, i feel like its always too rushed, i wish we could’ve seen more of the guests and see the members interacting with them more, especially YJS and KJK ‘s guest we could’ve seen a lot of funny moments from them …..

I’m soo looking forward to next week’s ep tho!

2 – What a funny and heartwarming episode! I enjoy watching Running Man as a family 🙂

3 – Love Running Man’s connection with DOTS –
Kwang Soo’s bff – Song Joong Ki/ Yoo Shi Jin
Yoo Jae Suk ‘s school friend – Lee Seung Joon/Dr Song

4 – Wow… Haha and Moon Sae looks quite alike 0.0 Hearing what Kookie said in the letter made me love him more. Such a good son. His mother must have endured a lot in the past due to his father,since he was in the military.

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