Running man EP 298

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Reviews Korean show Running man EP 298 Eng sub

1 – I’m starting to like Running Man again :)))

Looks like they are back on their feet again ^^

2 – finally running man team has came back to their senses! cant wait for the next episode to air yayyyy

3 – LOL this episode is hilarious!!! RM is back at it again with their trademark games!! Before Kwangsoo poured mud onto JK, Lee Jae Hoon was giving closing speech “It’s my first time to appear on RM” then it got cut off. It’s funny when KS did that, could have been nice to hear LJH talking as well. This ep makes me Lee Jae Hoon fan.

4 – It was so cute at the end when Joong Kook got really upset, but that washed away when Kwang Soo hugged him lol

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