Running man EP 299

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Reviews Korean show Running man EP 299 Eng sub

1 – YAAAAASS! This is one of my favorite types of running man episodes I love a good couples race A+ guest line up their interactions with the members had me in tears.? sidenote: Is Zico teaching them all to dab??? First Haha then YJS then in stead of a cute cheer Ji Hyo dabs.

2 – YAY running man is back! This is episode was so great. Everything that’s been missing – the fun, the competition, the guests – it had everything today. And even though they stole Kwang Soo’s food I feel like that’s just what this group does. They’ve definitely broken rules like this before and that’s what makes them so hilarious and ridiculous.

3 – I really hate the part where they stole kwangsoo’s food. If they did that, then what differentiate him as center and the rest? I mean you can still be funny without doing stuff like that. so annoyed

4 – man i would be seriously annoyed if they stole my food like that.lee kwang soo was damn nice even after that.

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