Running man EP 302

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Reviews movie Running man EP 302 Eng sub

1 – kekeke when they were in the van going to their next location…Ji Hyo was massaging Gary’s shoulder and neck…..hehehehe cute Monday Couple…<3

when they were playing the pillow fight…..Joong Kook hugged Ji Hyo…..hehehehheheh i like their chemistry so much……

2 – i love how song jihyo was holding mina’s hands throughout the name tag elimination aha

3 – the nametag elimination game was boring. I like twice, but seeing them in running man somehow,,,, they made it less interesting

4 – thjis ep was so nostalgic.back to old running man days but the air time is sadly really short everything fells fastforwarded.i totally dont get why they reduced the airtime when everybody was complaining about the editing.i want the previous airtime back

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