Running man EP 303

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Reviews movie Running man EP 303 Eng sub

1 – Aaah…it so anticlimax! It so upseting…. and Jihyo loves fermented skate? Damn….

2 – as much as I want to watch (after seeing the comments) sadly watching this kind of jerky running with the camera thing has always given me a headache and made me feel sick :c oh well ~

3 – This episode was incredible! Kwang Soo oppa!! I love you so freaking much!

4 – What a very good episode this is! I missed seeing the Running Man members literally run… and that scene where Kwang Soo was alone recording himself with a GoPro just adds to the thrill 🙂

And yaaay! Chuk Sa Gwang is here! I like her so much!

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