Running man EP 306

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Reviews movie Running man EP 306 Eng sub

1 – I enjoyed watching this episode. sooooo funny and exciting 😀

2 – Literally one of the funniest episodes of RM. Kwangsoo & Suk Jin are always ruining things for Yoo Jae Suk ahahahah, so typical. And Ji hyo looks so good in short wow!
Also Khunnie is baccccckkkkk, i missed him being on RM. I’m pretty happy with this ep. But i hate waiting a whole week for the next one! :((

3 – This is the first time i saw jihyo wearing short pants(?) ? and khunn aaaa~ i can’t forget abt your last rm. Pani pani tippani

4 – Just reading all the positive comments here, it makes me happy. I never doubt running man before, even a lot of people saying it’s not funny anymore, because as for me, they still makes me laugh. And once a running man fan, always a running fan, no matter what. ❤

Also, i’ve heard Myuk PD is back, for good. ^_^

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