Running man EP 307

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Reviews Korean Show Running man EP 307 Eng sub

1 – hii, the thing is, when i first started watching running man from ep 1, i have no idea abt kpop and all, i dnt even know all these running man members except song ji hyo. but i shoul dtell u that i enjoyed every bit n every ep of RM coz no can deny this but the first episodes of RM were hilarious to the core. yonghwa ace, hide n seek mission, cat n mouse bells mission, those midnight tea sessions are not to be missed.

acc to me, ur fren should try watching from ep 1 , n so on, if he didnt like those, u can switch to the eps as below ppl suggested.

2 – wow i miss sistar……Hyorin my bias………kekke loved this ep..
wish i could see more of Shownu but too bad he didn’t appear much and plus he doesn’t really talk but hope to see him more in the future….fighting RUNNING MAN,SISTAR & MONSTA X

3 – Sometimes I feel like Ji Hyo get neglected. The focus is always on the other members and guests, but I love how she always prove to be the ace and ends up winning LOL.

4 – The outdoor games must’ve been fun if the weather wasn’t bad. Water game is always entertaining and full of surprises. Hopefully, there’ll be more water games in the next episodes since it’s already summer. ^^

Ji Hyo is the gold princess! She has won numbers of gold! ^^ When you thought they’re not going to win, then you got it wrong. Shownu is really strong. O_O He was pulling them effortlessly.

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