Running man EP 309

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Reviews Korean Show Running man EP 309 Eng sub

1 – Ok this ticked me off they said the games would give kwang soos team a bigger advantage but then they throw all these rules at his team making it so he cant win seriously but still funny

2 – Omg yes. I was honestly getting a little mad!! I’m sure there was a lot of edits, but Kwangsoo team didn’t get any advantage AT ALL! Lol. The quiz was anybody’s game because it was COMMON KNOWLEDGE, I know they won but they were out number for the basketball game, and they should just done one wristlets for the final game, it was basically 2 vs. 6. I love running man but with the new PD, it’s just hasn’t really been the same!

3 – yeah I was expecting this episode to be really competitive but I guess the staff didn’t plan it to be that way… kwangsoo’s team is outnumbered. I’m a little bit disappointed tbh haha

4 – Yoo Jae Suk……..the Nation’s MC…..the BEST OF THE BEST….never failed to make me laugh……LOVE YOU RUNNING MAN OPPAS AND UNNIE……FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

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