Running man EP 314

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Reviews Korean Show Running man EP 314 Eng sub

1 – Awww, Lee Joon Gi is so handsome and cheerful and funny. I fell in love with Korean culture thanks to his eyes and voice. I watched his movie ‘The King’s Man’ in 2005 and he is still my favourite actor to this day.

2 – Ahhh I was rooting for Jong Hyun to win but ofcourse Mr Capable had to instead, as expected. And omg, i cannot stand how cute Kang Ha Neul is, his laugh is just so adorable !!!!!!!

3 – Sorta wish Moonlight was broadcasted on SBS so Bogummy could appear on my fav show Running man. At least he’s on 1n2d!

4 – *Sign…* What an entertaing episode:) Now I’m going to wait for another week for a new ep. Those three princes especially Lee Joon-Gi!! Hahahaha…hope he gets invited again for any future epi!! He was so hyper doing all the missions. Actally hope all three get to show up again on RM. I had fun watching . Had to sacrifice my beauty sleep for the subs now I’m so satisfied:)

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