Running man EP 315

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Reviews movie Running man EP 315 Eng sub

1 – After a week of waiting here comes the 315th episode. And am sure this will be a very very funny episode. Enough to cheer me up on a monday morning here in the Philippines.

2 – Song Ji Hyo, practicing dakji with her dad, kkk.. She’s incredibly lucky with rock,paper,scissors game. ♥

3 – I feel like that lady who was judging was being very biased toward the guest because she said she paid very close attention to him while he was cooking since he’s also known as a great cook. When she was watching and judging them, she said the white team was doing a great job and the blue team was making lots of mistakes but she ended up picking the blue team. I know the guest saved the dish but the lady picked the winner that didn’t even apply to her standards she was talking about; octopus last for tenderness, clams first, etc.. and that was exactly what the white team was doing. But in the end, she picked the blue team. Her standards didn’t mean anything from the beginning. Also the for the “edible” standards, both team reached those standards but she chose the blue team whom she said made many mistakes in putting the ingredients in order.

4 – Honestly I didn’t care about the race in this episode. Why can’t they have name tag eliminations as the final mission every week??!

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