Running man EP 318

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Reviews movie Running man EP 318 Eng sub

1 – Kwang soo and song ji eun looks good together… After the lie detector game, I kind of wishing that they would date they look so cute together.

2 – This ep was so cute. I was so into kwangsoo’s mission. Seung Hyun was really cute but Ji Eun and Kwangsoo’s chemistry was way too adorable to pass. Could not contain my smile watching the lie detector scene. I also really liked Haha’s”indecent” cooking show with Mark, Junior and Chansung.

3 – OMG I totally ship our Giraffe with that girl! She is so cute and really seems to like LKS. Haha you could tell that Ji Hyo was very jealous xD I was funny how Crush kept following her the rest of the show even though they were done with her mission lol

4 – The vids for the contest are on the sbs co kr site under programs. Right now Jong Guk is 1st, Haha is 2nd, and Gwang su is fighting neck and neck with Gary.

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