Running man EP 322

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Reviews movie Running man EP 322 Eng sub

1 – Jaesuk and his spontaneous act. LOL. The way he hits HaHa is just. LOL.
He’s quick. I’m pretty sure he knows Min Kyung betrayed her already. He just pretend he didn’t know.

I agree. There is no way he would just stand there and let everyone group together and discuss him being the spy. He tried to let her win.

2 – so funny 🙂
+woah !!!!!! jong kook and ye ji won ( “another oh hae young” ‘s crazy sister) had a drama together !
+kikiii papa………I DIED LAUGHING !
+awww………… cute headphones………………I want those !

3 – i dont like how physcially violent jae suk is towards suk jin, like he pushed him to the ground…. jae suk really is a two faced celeb

4 – he didn’t push him. he was meant to get his shoulder closer to suk jin so that he can put his leg on his shoulder because he also wanted to see if suk jin can do it or not. but suk jin got surprised and lost his balance.

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