Running man EP 324

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Reviews movie Running man EP 324 Eng sub

1 – i’m still in the state of denial, i still can’t believe this will be the last ep. of kang gary i love the unique reaction of him, his sexiness ,his way of making people laugh though his not really talkative like other running man member still on his own way people love him and i really love their chemistry of song ji hyo …i’ve been an avid fan of running man for over 6yrs. since the first time i’ve watch this show untill now this show become my stress reliever and this ep. makes me cry a lot,….. hope to see you on the future episode this will not be the end kang gary!!!! god bless u,… let god be your guide to whatever decision you made.. take care!! fighting!!!..

2 – This is sad i know Gary want’s to fufil his dreams and all i support that but he realises he’s leaving so much behind, most of us have been with them since the the very begin and i never thought i would live to see the day that any of them would leave, it’s a big surprise and not a very good one, and especially to Jihyo, i felt how sad she was, i cried with her but like always Monday couple lives on, but it’s not like Gary will be forgotten, Gary will be in our hearts forever , i hope his dream comes true…

3 – Im very devastated and sad that Gary left the Running Man. It will not be the same without him. He’s very unique in his own way and I still cannot believe that he already left. I wish Gary the best for his future and I hope he will come to RM as a guest a lot in the future

4 – Just like the other members I also took for granted that he would stay on the show until the very end…
I’m sad that he’s leaving but at the same time, I am glad that he’s leaving to pursue his dreams…

It was through Running Man that I got to know his music and became his fan, I will look forward to his progress and his future works!

And what was that prevew!? (He will most likely make an appearance which I don’t mind at all! I hope he will visit time to time even if it’s to promote his music xD)

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