Running man EP 328

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Reviews Korean Show Running man EP 328 Eng sub

1 – TBH i would rather have Noh Sayeon,Hong jinyoung or jessi..they are fun and funny guests..these idols are too conscious of their idol status

2 – might be a great episode for twice’s fans… as for those who are not really interested in idols, like me, this episode is not one of the best of running man i guess.

3 – Runningman nowadays always put every team at different place to complete their mission. It is boring that way. Runningman is well known as competitive show with funny moments of members & guests. It will be better if all team is put at the same location while compete to finish a mission. It will be funnier that way tho just like runningman used to be back than.

4 – Agree. It’s not like how it use to be back then. Also it feels like the show is rush a lot now to fit into the time slot. Back then if an episode isn’t done it’ll continue onto the next episode (like episode 2 and 3).

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