Running man EP 330

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Reviews movie Running man EP 330 Eng sub

1 – As a fan, I can now accept the fact that this show has been canceled and will finally stop ‘ running earlier next year. Yes, it’s sad but this has to be the best resort. Now, all I want is to see them complete on the ultimate finale. I wish they would consider bringing Gary, Joong Ki and also Lizzy if possible. They started the show and they should also be part of its ending. So much love for Running Man. #7012 #RMForever

2 – Me too…hope they’ll bringing back Gary and Joong Ki for the last episode. It’s should be the best ending for RM.

3 – It would be nice but isn’t it hard for the former members to visit the show after this situation? It’s like if you and your friends work at the same company, then you left and your friends stay, they got mistreated and fired. Would you come to your yoyr company ? I don’t think so :’- ( but still i would love if they visit RM

4 – I get your point but it’s much worse for the members. Imagine that they still need to film few episodes after what has been happening. Such a mess, really. But I will not stop wishing for them to bring back the originals for the last time. *heavy sigh

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