Second to Last Love EP 1

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 1 Eng sub

1 – So this is the new drama ??? they were in running man right. I should give it a try I hope for the best fighting

2 – This drama is something stimulating and fresh of late, a cute LS b/w an ahjumma and ahjussi. I love the ensemble of actors: lovely veteran actress Kim Hee-ae and ajae fatale Ji Jin-hee w/ handsome Kwak Si-yang, adorable Kim Seul-gi, and Lee Jong-suk look-alike Kim Kwon in supporting roles. I’m in.

3 – Damn, Kim Hee Ae is great example of a “MILF.” She’s bleeding 49 years old with two sons and she still look so damn gorgeous, from toe to head. They are four years apart with Ji Jin Hee, yet JJH look slightly older. Even Kwak Si Kyang, who is 29 doesnt look any younger to her. Anyway, I think this drama is more on the mature content storyline, so I think It will be good as I won’t expect to much exaggerated and excessive crying from the leads like in most Kdrama. Just great acting performance or detailed character deliverance (which is not highly valued by Korean audience, as they are more focus on popularity and visuals) from the veteran actors and good story should keep its audience stick to the drama.

4 – Very thankful and glad to watch our Super Idol JI JIN HEE’s new drama series…its just that we are still not used to seeing him with another female lead star…Guess we are still hooked on our favorite Female Lead star KIM HYUN JOO as JJH’s love team…However, it seems this drama’s story is exciting so we are hoping it will be another JJH Big Hit..

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