Second to Last Love EP 11

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 11 Eng sub

1 – Lovely enclaves near the forest, historical sites, theme parks, spectacular Seoul skyline at night time—this drama’s shoot locations are truly gorgeous. Anyhow, it has been subtly intimated that something is going on between them, but I wasn’t prepared for that rated-R scene, that silhouetty, steamy action behind the checkered curtains… Kidding aside, I’m relieved that things have officially ended between Jun-woo and Min-joo; he and Mi-rae would actually be perfect for each other. Sang-sik and Min-joo, on the one hand, should get their romance started. But before that, he needs to lay his cards on the table for only then will they be unshackled from the pains and traumas of their past. Ji-sun is piteous, I hope she attains self-realisation soon. It will bring her maturity, it will help her overcome obsession and depression. As for ”Richard Park” and ”House Ghost”, their individual self-esteem- and insecurity- issues put a heavy strain on their marital relationship. Once they’re able to realise their full potential and/or attain due recognition for it, they might be able get back on the same wavelength again, ultimately salvaging their unhappy marriage.

2 – FInally Min-joo asks that crucial question. At least now we are getting somewhere. I wish Jun-woo would realise love staring him right in the eye. Chief ko’s sister has such a pure heart and with her indecisiveness i think Jun woo would make the perfect partner. We already know from Min joo’s experience Jun-woo likes to be in control in a relationship and makes decisions regarding his partner on his own. I think thats what Chief ko’s sister needs a man in control who will make decisions for her. They would make a sweet couple though. I wonder what will happen next. Will sang sak take responsibility for what happened that day? Will he tell Min joo the truth?. Will their love end before it even started? I have a lot of questions guestions i will have to wait till next week to have them answered.

3 – Now we are at a crossroad, some more truth will come out and we’ll see how it affects the relationships.

4 – I feel MR and JW will get together.

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