Second to Last Love EP 12

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 12 Eng sub

1 – It felt like forever, waiting for this episode. LOL, now we wait for the subtitles. The “Waiting (for the next episode) Club” is a real PITA sometimes, but the addict in me must have it’s fix….”Ko Sang-Sik, you and Kang Min-joo don’t have but 4 more episodes to get together and give us a happy ending.”
WRITERS -take notice-People over 40 need love too.

2 – SS is needlessly feeling guilty. It’s not like he committed murder or pushed the fiancee out the window. He did his best to save the dude. He needs therapy to release this burden that has stymied his life and those around him.

3 – I am ever so slightly hitting the skim button.. just minute by minute I feel like I am wasting my time watching this. I just don’t seem to care about any of them. The circular relationships.. the running tangents.. all of it seems lackluster. The drama seems to say everyone can fall in love with everyone… but it is really pointing out that, this is not the case. All the odd relationships are dead and only the correct ones will survive. It is just going around and around… not making a point. What a waste.

4 – IKR… please writer, let him free from that trauma and guilt ! let us have some joy for that a**hole of that specky guy to take the responsibility !! far too long for SS to continue living in guilt

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