Second to Last Love EP 18

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 18 Eng sub

1 – aaaaarggghhhh…. why do they have to drag this further??
it feels like this couple is being tested left right and from every corner and this is really really really getting tiring to watch
such waste of screen time !!
what more with all other couples especially the deputy mayor is moving on yet the main couple is slower than the snailssss!

the writer, producer, LOL why so cruel to the viewers?!

plz let us have some sweet moments for them rather than solving problem after problem of their subordinates, the siblings, the children, the scumbags and so on

pali pali !

plz plz plzzzzz give us some heartwarming sparks shooting moments to the ajussi and the ahjumma !

2 – Doesn’t make sense that the smoke would be so thick in the fire stairway. The doors for fire stairways are self closing and usually sealed and solid to act as a fire break.

Also not sure why people shake unconscious people. You just need to grab them and carry/drag them to safety, then assess injury later.

3 – Could have something to do with the way that the hotel remodeled. I am pretty sure there is something shady going on with that and that is what they are trying to cover up

4 – 

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