Second to Last Love EP 2

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Reviews movie Second to Last Love EP 2 Eng sub

1 – I truly missed Ji Jin-hee doing romantic comedies, I can’t help not to grin from ear to ear esp. upon finally seeing Kim Seul-gi. Coincidentally, her character’s work is webtoon-related as in FBND while her co-star in OMG, Kwak Si-yang, also happens to be a chef here. Happy to see Jung Soo-young as well who was Kim Hee-ae’s co-star in Mrs. Cop. Stephanie Lee, just where are you? A very good cast indeed. Anyway, ”the more you hate, the more you love”, they say. As Sang-sik and Min-joo trade acerbic barbs, unwittingly, it’s how they’ll grow much closer to each other.

2 – Kim Hee Ae puts a really sexy spin to a solo aka Bridget Jones. The introductions are over. The entire family of Ji Jin Hee is accounted for and they have all connected to Kang Min Joo. Already we get a sense that a love triangle is possible among the two brothers and Min Joo. It is so easy to have a second lead syndrome with the brother. He is well-meaning, handsome and a great cook. Jin Hee’s character is a stickler for rules and gruff but is ready to save the damsel in distress. Their countryside home and the environ is really beautiful. It is a great neighborhood to fall in love in.

3 – Haha! I love her dancing to ‘I will survive!’?She’s hilariously good! Yes! I’m gonna love watching this drama!

4 – I feel like I am loving this more than I expected. Kim Hee Ae is always fantastic and she is one fine lady in 40s (oh gosh her body is to die for LOL). JJH is great in rom com too! and I was screaming to see Kim Seul Gi. She just brighten the mood more. I want her to have a romance too. 😉

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